Techno Legal Consultants (Pvt) Ltd (TLC) was created in the year 2009 with a vision to make smart and independent service provider in the field of engineering consultancy in all aspects of Professional Engineering Works. It was my vision at the inception that TLC should be an exception to the other consultancy organizations which generally aimed at purely doing the business to earn money.

From the very beginning, we put the foundation of TLC for rendering specialized services in the field of procurement, contracts and project management. We have devoted to create a team of young cadre of engineers and architects who would not only be technically competent to discharge their duties in rendering consultancy services by using state of the art instruments and method but should also be professionally honest, dedicated and mission oriented.

Until financial year 2014, TLC activities were comparatively slow in which we have devoted our most of the energy to legally constitute TLC on a solid foundation forming associations and memberships with many National and International bodies. In the financial year 2015, growth of TLC reached to double the turnover of the previous year in terms of business. Presently, TLC has 64 employees in its roll.

From January, 2016; TLC has expanded as multidisciplinary consultancy organization for rendering services in all aspect of the engineering including design, construction supervision, project management, contract administration, IT services and cost analysis.

TLC is also registered by Pakistan Engineering Council as “Professional Engineering Body (PEB)” for capacity building of the engineers, constructors, consultants and employers viz-a-viz all aspects of procurement & contracts; and Country Regulations.

TLC has created a wing in the name of “NSpace” for master planning and architectural design; and “EvelopIT” for rendering services in IT related matters. Recently TLC has also obtained ISO-9001 certification.

As a CEO, my vision for TLC is to maintain the highest level of professionalism; ensure project completion in quality on time and lead the TLC as a Pakistani model for other countries in the region; to discourage malpractices, corruption; and revolutionize the way the consultancy sector to operate in Pakistan.

Best Regards M. Mazhar Ul Islam